5 Fundamental Things Every Freelancer Should Invest In


You have finally decided to make freelancing your full-time job, right? Now, there are a number of things that you must invest in to ensure that your working experience is the best. The fundamental things, in this case, are meant to boost the environment that you are working in and to reduce any inconveniences.

It might interest you to know that the environment you work in has a lot to do with your performance. An unfavorable environment will definitely dwindle your earnings and vise versa.

So, which are the fundamental things that you should invest in as a full-time (or even part-time) freelancer?

1. A Reliable Computer

 A reliable computer does not have to be expensive. There are so many computer brands transpiring in the market currently, but not all can make the best. A reliable computer is one that can operate for long without developing faults of hitches. Be sure to check some of the major specs in a computer, including RAM, Processor speed and Hard Drive capacity.

2. Reliable Internet Connection

 Working online is literally impossible if you do not have Internet connection. Internet is, therefore, a fundamental requirement for any aspiring freelancer. There are so many avenues you can use to get reliable Internet connection. You can opt to buy a 3G(+) modem or better still go for Fiber services. I would really advocate for Fiber services since they are more reliable in terms of speed and convenience. An unlimited Internet connection plan is also a major preference for any online freelancer.

3. Chair

Most people tend to snub the importance of a comfortable chair for their freelancing tasks. It does not mean that your couch is not comfortable enough. The major concern here is your posture. Your head, back and legs have to be properly positioned for the sake of comfort during your freelancing tasks. An ergonomic chair is therefore preferable over mere couches.

4. Desk

It does not make sense in buying a very comfortable chair and leaving out a desk. For your information, a desk is as important as a chair for any freelancer. It is imperative to ensure that the desk you choose is of considerable height (not too high and not too low). You should not strain when typing out.

5. Headphones

The truth is that any freelancer will require a headset, at one point or the other. It does not matter on if you are a transcriber or not. Headphones are considered necessary in freelancing. In this regard, you should aim at procuring headphones that will serve you best. Noise-cancellation feature and sound quality should be your major concern.


With all the things that can facilitate easy freelancing, you can be assured of making the best returns. You can spare some dollars and invest in the above-mentioned things in order to make your endeavors even more fruitful.

Perhaps there is something I might have left out. Feel free to enlighten others with your thoughts. Drop your comments, questions or opinion below.  Let’s make freelancing even more fruitful. Until tomorrow, I WISH YOU HAPPY FREELANCING!!!!!  


(PT 2) 8 Sites That pay For Article writing


I promised to come back with another list of article writing sites where you can make an extra dollar. I believe you wouldn’t mind that, would you? Well, here is the list:

1. CollegeHumor.com

I understand that humor writing is a big hassle to many. However, this does not mean that the nut is too hard to crack. If you have a sense of humor, then CollegeHumor.com can work for you. The site pays $15 for every article that qualifies to be humorous.

2. TopTenz.net

Here, writers are expected to submit articles on Top-Ten topics. You can start by sending them an email on your proposed topic before you begin writing. Upon the approval of your topic, you can compose the article and submit it to the same email. If the article is accepted, then you will be compensated $50. Submissions of between 1500 and 2000 words are allowed. All formatting guidelines are well put in their homepage of the site.

3. Elance.com

This stands among the long-time freelancing platforms. Aside from offering article-writing jobs, other gigs including web design, academic writing and many more are included. There are millions of clients in this platform and that is why you should take advantage. However, you will have to bid in order to secure jobs in this platform. Payment may vary depending on clients.

4. Getacopywriter.com

Here is another platform where article writers can source jobs. The site gives room for writers with expertise in different niches including technology, education, nutrition, health and fitness, finance, electronics, travel, industrial, medical and many others. You can submit your application and wait for approval after which you will be all set to work.

5. Londonbrokers.net

The only problem with London Brokers is that only Native English Speakers are allowed to sign-up. However, you can still find a way to maneuver through and get your own account even as a non-native English speaker (check my blogpost on applications you can use to mask your IP address here). The bottom line is that London Brokers pays handsomely for their freelancing jobs.

6. Upwork.com

Quite new, right? Well, this is the site that was previously known as oDesk.com. For those who have been overlooking this site, then you do not know the sweetness of freelancing. Upwork, has been there for a long time offering innumerable article-writing projects. Payment here also varies depending on the client you are working for.

7. BudgetTravel.com

Although the site is least known, there is a lot to earn here. BudgetTravel.com pays $0.5 to $1 per word. Topics covered in this site are more on travel. You can register with the site and seek writing jobs.

8. DropZone

Although this is not a freelancing platform, the site gives room for writers to submit their articles and get paid. A published article in this site is paid $50 while a featured article is paid $100. Quality is very necessary for your articles to be published or even featured.


Some of the sites mentioned above are for outsourcing purposes (numerous clients meet writers and outsource while the platform charges a commission). Others only source content for publishing in the same site. Whichever the case, you need to check the sites and see if you can make an extra dollar from them.

Drop your comments, questions, opinions below. Happy Freelancing Pals!!!!!!

Top 6 IP-Masking Applications For Easy Access To Blocked Sites


We cannot help but live with the reality that some freelancing sites will never give room for non-native writers. This is so discriminatory considering that Non-Natives can also embark on freelancing tasks even better. The good thing is that you can still access sites that bar Non-Native writers.

For the last couple of years, a good number of proxy applications have been introduced in the market. The prime role of these applications is to aid in masking the IP address of a certain surfer hence giving them access to any site (even the blocked ones). Some of the applications are designed in such a manner that you can simply alter your IP address instead of masking it completely.

Without further ado, checkout some of the IP-Masking (proxy) software you can use to access Natives-Only freelancing sites:

  1. Zenmate

I personally use this software in accessing some of the hard-to-crack freelancing sites. It is very reliable and that is one of the things that I love it for. To be precise, I use Zenmate 3.8. With it, I can change my browsing location to US and other western countries.

It is important to note that this proxy software comes as an extension for Google Chrome Browser. It is also available for Mozilla Firefox and Safari Browser. Another important note is that Zenmate is compatible with all Windows versions and Mac OS. Download Zenmate here.

  1. Tor

Though not so reliable, Tor is ranked among the preferable proxy software for those willing to mask their IP addresses. This software masks the IP address of the surfer completely. It is more of a Mozilla Firefox extension, although it is downloaded independently. The problem is that tor may leak your personal information including surfing location. Download Tor Browser Here.

  1. Hide My Ass

I do not know if you wish to hide yours (ass), lol! On a serious note, Hide My Ass is one of the well-known proxy software. You can opt for a paid version or better still go for the free option. The most reliable version in this case is the paid one. However, this does not mean that the free version of HMA cannot help in masking your IP address. It is just that there are some features absent in the free version. Download Hide My Ass Proxy here.

  1. GTunnel

This is one of the long-time proxy applications. It is considered ideal for GTalk and Skype. However, it can still be activated in your personal computer to give room for private browsing. One of the advantages that come with this proxy application is that traffic contents are encrypted such that any censorship done on it will not reveal everything in clear texts. Both English and Chinese languages are supported by this proxy application. Download GTunnel here.

  1. Hotspot Shield

Surfing anonymously has never been this easy, thanks to Hotspot shield proxy application. It is very versatile since it supports a number of languages including English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian among others. You can either opt for the free version of this proxy or go for the premium one.

The problem with free version of Hotspot Shield is that you will be receiving a lot of ads on your browser. This can be irritating. Premium version is fully immune to ads. Download Hotspot Shield Proxy here.

  1. Freegate

Most users of this proxy software are based in China. However, this does not imply that it cannot be used in other parts of the world. The software works well in giving access to blocked sites including those based in UK and US. Its role is to permanently hide your IP address. Download Freegate here.


Now you know some of the proxy software that you can use to sign up to sites that bar Non-Native writers. All you need is to ensure that the proxy is activated before you begin the signing up process.

Drop your questions, additional thoughts or opinion at the comment box below.

Happy Freelancing Pals!

Top 7 Sites That Pay For Article-Writing


Diversification has always been a gospel preached by most professional online freelancers. You may wonder how possible it is to diversify yet your only specialty is writing. For your information, you can still diversify, this time from within your specialty.

What do I mean? Currently, there are so many sites where you can source article-writing jobs. However, if you believe in sticking to one site, then you do not really know the meaning of diversification. In this case, diversification means trying other article-writing sites and even working there.

Have a look at some sites that you can try and source article-writing jobs below:

  1. ListVerse

This may sound strange to many since it is not considered as a freelancing platform. It is more of an article directory than a freelancing platform. If you can create a high quality and factual LIST article, you can submit it to the administration of this site. If they like your work, then you will be compensated. They usually pay $100 for 1500 words. Top 10 articles are preferred here. Incredible!

  1. INeedArtcles.com

Again, this is a new one to many. However, the site has been seen by many as a goldmine that was yet to be discovered. The best thing about this site is that you can take 5 orders at a go. For those aspiring to outsource work from other writers, this site can work well for you. The deals here are very juicy and attractive.

  1. iWriter.com

I cannot forget to mention iWriter.com. This is one of the sites that I have personally worked with for a long time. I can boldly assure you that there is a lot to make at iwriter.com. Elite-Plus writers make as much as $50 for 1000 words. The offer can be even better depending on the client in question. Register here for free.

  1. Keyblogging.com

The site has not been there for long. However, a lot of jobs have been available for the short time the site has been in operation. For those who can write well about prescription drugs, this site may suit you perfectly. Other topics are also covered in the site, though drugs dominate everything. A 400-word piece is worth $5. Register here.

5. Speedlancer.com

Here is yet another goldmine that might lure your attention. Although the site looks for Native English Speakers, there is still a way you can maneuver and create your account (a topic for another day). At Speedlancer.com, freelancers are paid $40 for 500 words. However, the rates may vary depending on a number of factors.

  1. Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com has been there for quite a long duration. This is not a ‘Take’ platform. You will have to make your gigs and sell them to clients. Each gig goes for $5 hence the word FIVErr. You can however negotiate with your client in case a bulk order is assigned. Gig-creation techniques are very important in this case since it is the only way you can attract clients’ attention. Sign Up here.

  1. Dotwriter.com

Another very appealing platform where freelancers can make good money is Dotwriter.com. The site allows you to post articles and consequently sell them. Any topic is allowed in this site. You do not have to be assigned jobs in this platform. All you need is to come up with a topic of your choice and post it for sale. The idea in selling the most articles at DotWriter.com is writing on high-demand topics. Travel, online business, fitness, tips-based articles, and finance are among the hot topics you should write about. Recently, the site increased their payment per word from 1 cent to 2 cents for basic level writers. Register here.


Now you know that there are still other sites you can get some dollars from. You, therefore, have no reason not to diversify. Try either other sites and see if you can maneuver through. Another post on more freelancing sites will be coming real soon.

6 Effective Tips On Creating Killer Article Titles


The importance of a title in any article cannot be overlooked. Any professional writer can confirm the great weight that a title carries. For your information, the kind of title you create for your article determines if any other person will read the content below or not. In this regard, you must aim at creating nothing short of interesting and attractive titles for your articles.

So, how do you go about that? It is imperative to understand that a title carries a number of elements. In other words, a title is simply not a sentence but a special phrase.

Below are very effective tips you should observe when creating a title for your article:

  1. Use Numbers

 There is a very profound reason why you should use numbers in your title. If you peruse through major journalist publications, you will realize that most headlines have numbers. Why? Numbers are known to give an attractive and appealing shape to your article title. Consider this:

“Reasons Why Your Husband Is Cheating On You”


 “10 Reasons Why Your Husband Cheats On You”

 The second title, in this case, is definitely spicier than the first one. Why? Human eyes are naturally attracted to numerals than words. However, this does not mean that you should splash numbers all along the title. One figure is enough.

  1. Not Too Long, Not Too Short

One mistake that most people make is failure to consider the number of words used in a title. The most ideal title for your article should neither be too long nor too short. To be precise, you should aim at creating a 6-8 words title. Basically, a title should be a summary of what you intend to talk about in the article. Long titles are definitely boring and more like a sentence. Too short titles, on the other hand, create a staccato effect which is neither pleasant.

  1. Use Attractive Adjectives

Basically, adjectives can be defined as descriptive words. They are used to describe a noun or pronoun in a sentence. Now, adjectives are very effective in grabbing the attention of readers and that is why you should use them in article titles. They are used as a spicing element to phrases or any combination of words.

However, titles do not call for just any other adjective. You must aim at choosing the most powerful and compelling adjectives. In other words, the adjectives you use should be captivating.

Here is a list of such adjectives:

  • Incredible
  • Outstanding
  • Effective
  • Impeccable
  • Strange
  • Absolute
  • Mind-blowing
  • Captivating
  • And many more
  1. Make A Promise

One thing you should know is that an article title communicates what you are about to cover in the content below. In this regard, you need to assure readers that they will indeed get what they want after reading through the article. A promissory element should, therefore, be constituted in the title. Check this!

‘5 Effective Strategies That Will Keep Your Wife From Cheating’

The title above promises readers from the beginning that they will indeed keep their wives from cheating once they read through.


  1. Use Trigger Words

There are some words that are considered triggers in any written piece. Such words arouse curiosity and the urge to read on. In most cases, these words are used to make readers search for answers in the content below. In a journalistic term, the trigger words are known as 5 Ws and H.

Here are the trigger words you should use in your article titles:

  • Why
  • What
  • How
  • When
  • Who
  • Where

6. Include Keyword

For those who understand the importance of SEO, titles are considered very impacting in that. One of the strategic points where you should place your primary keyword is in the title. However, you should only incorporate it if it is a word and not a phrase, though not always. Key-phrases tend to look awkward in titles.


The Ultimate Formula

To ensure that you come up with the best title for your article, here is an effective formula that you should apply. It basically contains all elements that should be used in your title:



5 Reasons Why Your Articles Are Rejected All The Time


It feels really discouraging to log into your freelancing account only to find that your previously submitted work was rejected. In fact, you might be compelled to give up your freelancing career simply because the number of rejections you are getting is too much. Not too fast! You can’t quit just yet.

It is only ideal to trace some of the loopholes leading to article rejections and see if you can seal them. One thing for sure is that you can avoid article rejections by a large percentage.

Here are some of the reasons why your articles are frequently rejected:

  1. Poor Client Selection

 You must never be overexcited simply because you have found thousands of clients in a freelancing platform all in dire need for articles. It might interest you to know that not all clients have good motives. Some are in the platform as conmen while others are there to simply ruin your profile. You heard me right! RUIN YOUR PROFILE!

Client selection is something that must never be overlooked or taken easily. Your eyes should only yearn for clients who have outstanding profiles based on their previous ratings to writers. For sites like iWriter.com, you have the privilege of choosing clients with regard to their approval rates. A client with over 80% approval rate or positive feedback should be your selection.

  1. Missing Quality

 No sane client will ever accept an article that lacks quality in all aspects. In as much as a client wishes to spare your profile, at times they are forced to just reject your work since there is no quality in it. If you must evade rejections from the beginning, then quality must be your motivating factor when composing your articles. Never miss this point since it is fundamental.

  1. Missed Context

 It is very important to first understand the topic that you have been provided by your client. You must also understand the most ideal approach to the topic. Failure to do so means that you might end up composing content that is totally out of context. If you miss the main point, your client will find no use in the articles you provide. As such, he will be forced to reject your work. Take your first 10 minutes to research on the subject matter and then write.

  1. Poor Communication With Clients

 If you did not know, there is a lot of power in positive communication between you and your client. Most people tend to snub this. It is possible to narrow down your chances of rejections by over 80% through simple communication.

I believe that any platform you are working with gives room for communication between clients and writer. You must take advantage of this feature to plead with your client not to reject your work. You can instead request for drafts in order to make the necessary rectifications.

  1. Poor Grammar

 I need not to say much about grammar. Errors in that line are always the main stirring factor for article rejections. Always aim at improving your grammar by the day. That is the least you can do since writing is basically a learning experience.

I hope this piece will make your writing experience even better. There is no fun in writing if you do not get some dollars in return. Article rejection is a choice!

Drop your comments, opinions, questions and inquiries below.

The Need To Link Your Blog With Social Media Sites

The say that social media is a blessing in disguise. You might wonder how, right? Well, apart from the shady and fishy postings that people make, something can be done to bring out great things from social media. I personally can confirm that social media has a great role to play especially for blog owners.

Basically, most blogging platforms provide users with an option to share their content on social media. Unfortunately, only a few people make use of the function. Little did they know that the savior in social media is hidden behind that button.

Traffic is something that proves very hard to get. However, only those who fail to use the best strategies fail in garnering high traffic to their blogs. The reason why I am bringing this in is because the social media buttons in your blog can be of great essence in getting the traffic you have always been searching for. All you need is to ensure that people know about your new blog posts through sharing via social media.

In other words, you must use the social media sharing buttons on your blog as much as you can. It is one of the easiest ways to get high traffic effortlessly.

Blogging Tips

We live in a world where blogging is as common as breathing oxygen. There are millions of personal blogs all over the internet. While this has enabled business to grow and people share their ideas with millions of people from all over the world, the huge number of blogs available can make it difficult for people to find your own blog. The good news is that there are few tips if applied can increase the number of traffic going to your website.

Here are some of the tips:

• Design an amazing and creative blog: the way your blog appears will play a huge role in whether people will want to come back to your site or not. You can get an experienced web designer to do an amazing blog for you that is well balanced and pleasing to the eye. The blog has to grab someone’s attention and make them want to come back and read from it. This of course has to be accompanied by amazing and informative pieces that would keep your target audience interested and coming back for more.

• Give some of your work for free: Don’t give all your work for free especially if you have put effort in it and hope to make some money from selling your ideas or information. Just give out enough to get yourself noticed. Think of is as advertising yourself. This will please your target audience and make them curious to see what else you have to offer.

• Make use of the social networking sites: Once your blog is ready with content, you want to get this information to as many people as possible. The good news is that it is now easier to do this than it has ever been the past. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook are free and give you access to a very huge audience. Make use of them!These are not the only tips to get more visitors for your site but they offer a nice place to start. Good luck!


Blogs are great marketing tools but before they provide the services they are meant for, they need to be visible. Blog visibility requires different marketing strategies that will ensure that the readers increase and the purpose of the blog is easily achieved. Traffic is important for any content that is online, and below are a few ways to increase the flow.

Social Media

Blogs are part of the larger social media platform but to be successful they require the assistance of the other more popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others. You will need to link your blog to your social media pages and use the pages to market the blog. People are always looking for good interesting reads covering different topics. By posting a link on social media pages, your friends or people who like you will click on it and if it is a good one, they will share it with their friends and this will ultimately attract more people.

Loyal Blog Readers and Comments

In efforts to market your blog, it is essential that you find a loyal reader and commenter who will make the blog look more popular and show other people that it is a good read. The comments will also encourage the readers to leave comments.

Participate in other blogs

In the blogging world, when you scratch a back, yours will be scratched. The best way to market your blog is to leave comments on larger blogs or blogs in your line of topics as people interested in your type of content will want to read what you have.

Keywords and title

Catchy titles and targeted keywords will go a long way in attracting qualified traffic. This is traffic that will visit your blog because they are interested in reading the content as opposed to people who leave the moment they enter the blog.