Article-Writing Training


I am sure you would want to become the most proficient writer in town, right? Well, I might help you achieve just that. Article writing is a very diverse niche hence you must understand the entire concept before venturing into it.

I am a professional writer, having pursued a diploma in mass Communication and Journalism. As such, I bear all knowledge in feature writing and that is why I have designed a course to make you a professional just like me. I have, however, narrowed down the course to help you understand things easily.

My course is not only motivated by my line of profession, but also the profound experience that I have. I have worked as an online and offline writer for the last 3 years hence I can boldly confirm that I am experienced.

Without further ado, here is what my course entails:

  • Grammar Basics
  • Article structure and format
  • Plagiarism and how to avoid it
  • SEO and the respective techniques (keywords)
  • Web content searching techniques
  • Writing product reviews
  • Understanding

The course comes in the following forms:

  • E-Books
  • Word documents
  • General emails
  • Web links

Note: Assignments are also part of the package

I also give room for the following communication methods in order to facilitate one-on-one clarifications:

  • Skype chats
  • Google hangouts
  • FaceBook Chats
  • Whatsapp Chats

The course takes 8 days to complete (1 lesson per day). I will offer an addition of 1 week in order to guide and help you form a good start in your freelancing career. This includes monitoring your first tasks at or any other platform you opt to work with. The least I can do to help you start well is creating an account for you and monitoring your first jobs.

Join the freelancing community now by booking my article-writing course. I can boldly assure you the best! 

My phone number is: 0706 740 970  (check contacts page for more)

I Wish You Well!!!


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