How Can I Help You?

I am a very open person (no bragging though). For this, I give room for any questions regarding academic and article writing. I will be more than glad to give you in-depth clarifications in that line. Check my contacts page and reach me at any time. You can also drop your question in the comment box below and I will gladly respond.

Happy freelancing fellows!


7 thoughts on “How Can I Help You?

    • Hello Kean. You will have to monetize your blog. For a basic wordpress blog like mine, the least you can do is selling your services, just like what I am doing currently. You can later upgrade your blog to a self-hosted one in order to give room for adverts.

  1. what does it take to allow adverts and maybe earn from your website? Is affiliate marketing related to this?

    • Hello Jackline. Thanks for dropping by. Now, it takes self-hosting for a blog to be given a chance to advertise. Affiliate marketing is also advertising in kind, hence you also need a self-hosted site to facilitate that.

  2. Hi, first of all, thank you so much for the info you have given. I really appreciate it. I wanted to ask about any content mills (5 dollars per article) you might know about that hire writers from Africa. It seems that there are so so many sites through which people can make money online- but virtually ALL OF THEM only benefit people in the US or Europe. I have long since given up applying for things like Uvocorp and will only commit to buying such accounts if I really need them. Do you know of any content mills or even blogs that ACTUALLY HIRE writers outside the US and Europe? I notice that many Kenyans put up blogs saying you can work for Uvocorp and earn money- the truth is you can’t- unless you buy the account. I am an honest person but I have found there is no other way even if you have a Masters. Also, if you use IP masking applications like you say in another article, which ‘UK or US Only’ sites exactly can you access by using such applications? Sorry for the long question but I really need the info.

    • Hi Joanne. I am glad you like my article. Feel free to drop by regularly for more updates. Now, there are so many content mills that higher Africans. For instance is a US based content mill but it hires even africans. Ardorcontent also gives room for non-native writes.,,, and many more are always open for non-natives.

      For IP sensitive sites, you can always use a proxy application to go through. For instance, Textbrokers is a UK based site but Africans always work there. All you need is an IP masking application that can tune your location to UK.

      In case you find it hard to acquire an account, you can always buy one. The truth is that opening some accounts may be a little hectic. To spare yourself the hassle, just invest some amount in buying an account.

      Kind Regards, Charles

      • I should have mentioned: the sites I mentioned above do not have a limit of how much you can earn. pays at least $5 for any gig. The other sites can bay even more. An iWriter Elite account pays $8 for 500 words.

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