8 SEO Mistakes To Avoid





SEO is an acronym that seems easier to say than implement. It is unfortunate that majority of website owners keep making the same mistakes over and over. Well, it is about time you identified the mistakes that keep derailing your blog/website and do away with them once and for all. After all, high gains is what you want, right?

Google and other search engines tend to keep stepping up their criterion in ranking websites. In this regard, you must also step up your game and beat the high competition already in existence. It is not hard. All you need is to abide by the principles that can compel your website to rank among the first SERPs in leading search engines.

Here are 5 biggest SEO mistakes and how you can avoid them easily:

1. Keyword Stuffing

Majority of website owners tend to hold the belief that keyword stuffing is the only way to beat competition in Google ranking. If that is what you go by, then you are missing the whole point. You do not have to repeat a single keyword over and over with the intention of manipulating search engines. This used to work before but not any more.

Way Out: It is simple! You just need to avoid keyword stuffing. It is more effective to do a thorough research and come up with powerful keywords. With just a few powerful keywords, stuffing will not be necessary. You simply need to evenly distribute the keywords without exceeding 6% density.

2. Plagiarism

Maybe you came across a commanding blog ranking high on search engines and you thought of duplicating the content to help your website rank high too. Again this is a missed point. Plagiarism is not only a crime but also a futile way of ranking content. You can never find your way to the top rank with copied content.

Way out: There is no shortcut when it comes to content creation. You must start from scratch. The idea here is to uphold utmost uniqueness when writing articles. You can borrow ideas from other websites but you must not copy.

3. No New Content

It is unfortunate that most website owners take rather too long to provide fresh content. It might interest you to know that in as much as your content is of high quality and properly optimized, it might not remain in the first rank for long. Better content is always making way into the market. Your keywords may not maintain their rank for long.

Way Out: The idea here is to keep bringing in new content to your website. Your prospective clients and visitors are always on the lookout for something new. Google and other search engines also acknowledge change. Make sure that your content contains powerful keywords and that it is very unique.

4. Broken Links

Do you take time to check the kind of links you incorporate in your articles? Are they in the right condition? Broken links are considered as a common mistake made by website owners. In as much as back-links are considered powerful tools of SEO, broken ones do not feature the same power.

Way Out: Inspect all links you intend to incorporate in your content and make sure that everything is alright. Original links are highly recommended.

5. Ignoring Analytics

Insights and metrics will always remain powerful in aiding SEO. It is too bad that most people ignore analytics. Instead, they opt for simple ways of analyzing key aspects.

The importance of analytics is that you can easily monitor the direction that your website is taking. For instance, you can tell the number of people who have made way into your website in a given duration. You can also tell the nature of conversion rate in your site. This will in return motivate you to do more and better SEO. You will easily tell if your current SEO strategies you are employing are effective or not.

Way Out: Seek the best analytics tools and use them to your advantage. Use the tools to identify your weak points and make the necessary changes. Do not forget to focus more on the important aspects of SEO when doing analytics since that is the only way you will identify loops derailing your progress.

6. Missing Quality

When writing content for your website, quality must be upheld by all means. It is not always the question of creating content that is keyword-rich. It is more important to have quality content. Quality begins with the command of the language that you are using. Google can hardly give credit to content that does not feature the required quality threshold. Instead, you will only lose rank even when you have invested so much time in keyword research.

Way Out: You must begin by creating content that has good command in grammar. This means that there should be no spelling mistakes, typos, broken phrases, and anything else that can render your work quality-less. Aside from that, you must make sure that there is coherence and flow of ideas. Formatting also counts a lot in boosting quality. It must be noted that quality cannot be equated with quantity. The former must come first.

7. Missing Context

There are cases where website owners tend to move away from the main context with the aim of manipulating search engines. This can compromise the rank of your content in search engines. It is very important to stick to the theme of your website by all means. If your website is about weight loss, then all content created has to be in that line. Anything you post has to be totally relevant.

Way Out: You do not have any choice other than sticking to your lane. It is easier to create quality content within your line of specialization rather than finding shortcuts by emulating content that is not relevant. An added advantage to relevance is that your clients will not feel lost when going through your website. Remember that you are not talking to search engines but humans.

8. Overlooking Social Media

Did you know that there is so much power in social media? However, there tends to be no much value given to the same by bloggers and website owners. Most of them only consider social media as a platform that does not blend well with websites. If that is the notion you hold, then you are very lost.

Way Out: You must learn the art of using social media to your full advantage. There is so much that social media can do in helping you reach out to your prospective clients. You can share links to your websites in social media platforms. Chances are that those you connect with will click on the links and possibly convert into long-term clients. You can even enter into paid plans on social media as a way of reaching out to an even larger number.


There you go! These are the key mistakes that must never pull you back. They can be easily avoided. Choose the right path of your website and returns will definitely reflect. Aim at making changes often while identifying any possible loop that can render your efforts futile.

5 Browsers (Least-Known Yet Reliable)


Browsing experience may be complemented or, better still, ruined by the kind of browser you use. It is for this very reason that selection of the right browsers for any freelancer is greatly recommended. The truth is that most people are used to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Little did they know that there are other browsers out there that can be used as better substitutes.

Here is a list of 5 least-known, yet reliable, web browsers that you should consider:

  1. Torch Browser 


There is something I always love about Torch Browser. The Interface! I simply adore the appearance of this browser. It is quite sophisticated and with a lot more features than other browsers out there. Response speed is high enough, hence offering you the ultimate browsing experience.

  1. Tor Browser 


Here comes a close sister to Mozilla Firefox. Most of its operation basics tally heavily with Mozilla. However, there is something very unique about this browser and that is Anonymous Browsing. If you intend to access sites that are blocked, then you can simply download Tor Browser. It is not only reliable but efficient as well.

  1. Pale Moon Browser 


Initially, Pale Moon Browser had a lot of commonalities with Mozilla Firefox. However, as time passed, a wider division between the two browsers showed up. Currently, Pale Moon is a totally independent and different browser from Firefox. Its efficiency and speed cannot be doubted. Navigation for users is easy as well.

  1. Midori Browser 


For Linux users, Midori can work just fine for you. It is a lightweight browser that can work ideally for normal access to web pages. Currently, the browser is being used a prime default alternative of Linux distributions. The best thing about this browser is that you can block unwanted and irritating pop-up ads. Incredible!

  1. QupZilla Browser


Some people may have the perception that this browser has a lot of connections with Mozilla. On the contrary, the two browsers are not related at all. Qupzilla is very unique in its own way. It also has an ad blocker to facilitate uninterrupted browsing experience. Navigation for users is very easy.


You can switch from your usual Mozilla or Chrome browser and try either of the above. One thing for sure is that the browsers are really reliable.

Drop your comments and opinions below and let’s know your experience with your current browser. Happy freelancing pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 Free Online Tools To Test Your Typing Speed


Like I stated in my previous blog post, high typing speed is fundamental in freelancing tasks, especially transcription and writing. It is imperative to keep enhancing your typing speed so that you can easily meet your deadlines. Fortunately, there are some online tools that you can use to enhance your typing speed. You should, therefore, take advantage of these tools in order to hit the highest typing speed.

Let’s have a look at some of the online tools that you can use to test your typing speed:

  1. Typingtest.com 

I mentioned this tool in my previous blog Post. Typing Test is considered to be one of the best tools that can greatly help you boost your typing speed. The interface and design of this site is very friendly with users. The good thing about TypingTest is that you will be able to choose from different languages of typing including English, Dutch, Espanol and many more.

  1. Learn2Type.com

With this tool, you will be able to know the number of words that you can cover per minute. It is one of the complex tools, and one that can greatly enhance your typing speed. You will be provided with a text that you are supposed to type, after which your results will be presented in terms of WPM (words per minute).

  1. SpeedTest

The tool does not only test your typing speed but accuracy as well. It should be noted that any mistake made during the typing exercise will deduct a single point in the overall results. In this regard, you have to focus on accuracy and speed at the same time in order to keep your CPM (characters per minute) high.

  1. 10FastFingers 

If you are looking for a simple website where you can easily learn more on typing, then 10FastFingers can work well for you. Everything in the site is very simple and digestible. You will be tested in terms of how many words you can type in a minute. A reference text will also be provided.

  1. KeyBr

The good thing about this tool is that you are provided with results as you type along. This means that you will be able to know when your speed is gradually increasing or slowing down. It is a great tool to challenge your concentration both on the screen and on the keyboard. Any person new with the keyboard might consider using this online typing tool.


I won’t be wrong to blame you for the slow typing speed. After all, you have all typing test tools at your disposal. Keep practicing since it is the only way to improve by the day.

Drop your comments, opinions and questions below. Let us know how fast you can type. Happy freelancing Pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 Simple Yet Effective Tips on Increasing Your Typing Speed

                          Apple Keyboard

It does not matter if you are transcriber or a writer. The bottom line is that any freelancer must have a considerably high typing speed. You will realize that some of the tasks online have very strict deadlines. This means that you will have to speed up in order to meet the set deadline. This can only be achieved with a high typing speed.

So, what can you do to enhance your typing speed?

  1. Be In The Right Posture 

Your sitting position has a lot to do with how fast you can type. In order to type faster, your back should be straight-up and your hands in level with the keyboard. That way, you will not have to train when moving your arms and fingers across the keyboard.

  1. Use Both hands 

One of the common mistakes that new freelancers make is trying to type using one hand. Doing so will not aid in improving your speed. It is important to note that a computer keyboard is wide. This is why you have to use two hands in order to cover the entire field. Each hand should handle half the keyboard.

  1. Make Use of Free Online Test Tools

You will like the fact that there are a number of online tools that you can use to test and increase your typing speed. With the tools, you can test how developed your typing skills are. One of the best tools, in this case, is Typingtest.com.

  1. Face The Screen

This may sound crazy, right? Well, for your information, this is one of the best strategies that can help in boosting your typing speed remarkably. However, facing the screen alone when typing is something that you will learn gradually. You can test your keyboard mastering, once in a while, by concentrating on the screen. Once you perfect this strategy, it becomes really easy to type.

  1. Engage All Fingers

Instead of using two or three fingers when typing, it would be best to engage all ten fingers. Like earlier stated, the keyboard is quite wide. One of the best ways to reach out to all corners of the keyboard is by engaging all your fingers.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice 

Without practice, your typing speed will never improve. You must make typing your hobby and more so daily activity. After all, you are a freelancer, aren’t you? If your fingers stay dormant to typing for long, then improvements may never come along.


Typing speed is very fundamental in executing any freelancing task. It is with the help of fast typing speed that you will be able to hit even the shallowest deadlines. You must, therefore, aim at improving your speed by the day.

I will be making a blog post on top online typing tools next. Keep in touch.

Drop your comments, opinions and additional tips below. Happy freelancing Pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How To Create A Long-Term Relation With Your Clients


I am sure you would not mind having repeat clients in your freelancing career, right? However, this is not easy at all. It takes profound efforts to ensure that you get repeat clients. The best part is that if you get repeat clients, earning immensely will no longer be a hassle. You will always enjoy the privilege of having constant workflow, even when other freelancers are complaining about short supply on their end.

Here are important things that you should do to win a client over, and consequently develop a long term working relationship:

1. Quality, Quality, Quality 

One thing that you must know is that clients only opt for writers who often provide quality pieces. It may never be possible to win a long-term client if your work is shoddy and junk. In this regard, the very first thing you should cultivate in your articles is quality. Aim at improving your writing skills each day and you will eventually secure repeat clients.

2. Appreciate Good Feedback and Rating

Sometimes it takes more than quality to win a long-term client. It may prove productive to appeal with your client to consider you in future projects. In most freelancing platforms, writers have the privilege of sending private messages to clients. In case one of your clients liked your work and rated you well, it will be best to appreciate that. Express gratitude for the generous act from your clients. Do not take good rating from your clients as something obvious.

3. Accept Criticism

The truth is that most writers do not have the strength to take criticism positively. If you are such kind of a writer, then winning a long-term client may be next to impossible. Any man is prone to errors and that is why criticism should be taken as a learning experience. Always do the necessary rectifications as requested by your client and do forget to apologize for any inconveniences caused.

4. Give Free Pieces 

This may sound crazy to most writers. However, giving a free article once in a while is an ideal way of winning the confidence of your client. A client who receives a discount from you once in a while will not hesitate to come back with more work. You will even be surprised to receive nice tips from such clients. And as the old saying goes, ‘givers always receive abundantly’. However, you must implement this strategy sparingly. The bottom idea is to entice your clients.

5. Keep Checking on Your Client 

It is not always about business. Remember that your client is a human being just like you. Checking on your client, once in a while, is a very effective strategy in cultivating long-term relationship. A simple salutation or rather concern about the wellbeing of your client can do wonders.


You will certainly get repeat clients if you implement the above-mentioned strategies. However, you must aim at getting even more clients. Never rely fully on a single client you met online since you might be frustrated if they withdraw unexpectedly.

Drop your comments and opinions below. Let us share our thoughts. Happy freelancing pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 Tips On Creating an Attention-Grabbing Article Introduction


Did you know that the nature of introduction in any of your articles heavily determines if you will get an approval or rejection? Why? An introduction marks the starting point of the article and if not tailored in the best way, everything that follows can turn cold. It does not matter if your article body is hot and intriguing. With a dull introduction, no reader will be interested in what you have to offer down there.

In this regard, it is imperative to ensure that your introduction is not only captivating, but attention-grabbing as well.

Be sure to implement the following tips and strategies in creating your article introduction:

  1. Give A Revelation 

One of the best ways of starting an introduction is revealing something that your readers, probably, did not know. This is seen as an ideal way of arousing curiosity among your readers. Come up with a fact, or anything that can make readers click on the ‘read on’ button or scroll down without hesitation. However, it is important to avoid making the very obvious revelations.

  1. Start With A Quote 

There are so many wise quotes that you can use in your article introduction. A quote always gives a very nice twist to your article. It also portrays your expertise in writing. In other words, a quote will always compel readers to read even further. Note that quotes carry disguised meanings. An introduction that starts with a wise quote will, therefore, compel the reader to dig deeper in order to understand what you meant from the beginning.

However, it is important to ensure that the quote used is in context with the topic at hand. A non-contextual quote will only mislead your readers, and they might lose interest.

  1. Ask A Question 

It is pretty obvious that a question must have an answer. In this case, starting an introduction with a question will make your readers look for answers. In short, questions trigger curiosity among readers hence making them interested in the body content.

Important to note, answers to the question should be delayed until you get to the main content. If readers get answers at the introduction, it means that they may not see any reason in going through the entire article. The idea here is to find an approach that answers your question in detail.

  1. Quantity vs Quality 

Most writers have the perception that an article introduction is the best point to incorporate filler words. Meeting the word-count of your article should not be substituted with quality. Note that an introduction sets the entire pace, hence the need to observe quality. It is very easy to dismiss your readers by giving them junk introduction material. An introduction should not be long. 50-70 words are enough to introduce any topic.

  1. Invoke A Controversy 

You heard me right! There are so many strategies that can be used in creating a spicy introduction. However, using little controversy is certainly one of the most effective strategies. You should not aim at creating a biased introduction. Instead, you should introduce something that people will love and hate at the same time. A little controversy can be used to hook your readers.


An introduction carries a lot of weight in any article. Creating an attention-grabbing, spicy, intriguing and interesting introduction should be your primary aim. You must not bore your readers from the start. Instead, you should give them the reason to read on.

Drop your comments and questions below. Happy Freelancing Pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Key Red Flags That Expose Bad Clients in Freelancing Sites


In as much as you would want to make money online, it is indispensable to understand the kind of clients you deal with. With so many clients in search for freelancers, it might prove tricky to choose the ideal one. However, you have no choice other than finding ways to identify the right clients. One of the best ways to do so is by understanding all red flags that indicate ill motives in a client. Some clients may only ruin your freelancing profile and this is certainly something that you would not want.

Here are some of the indications that a certain client is not the best to work with:

  1. Long Instructions 

The very first thing that you should check in any freelancing project is the instructions. In this case, you should be alarmed by long instructions. I have come across some clients who request for a 300-word article, yet their instructions are more than 300 words. I can’t help but wonder…such a client could have done the task instead of assigning, right?

Any sane freelancer will identify such a client as ill-motived. Chances of suffering rejections in the hands of such clients are high. A client with short, simple and precise instructions should be opted for.

  1. Constant Warnings

Another thing that should caution you not to work for a certain client is warnings. You will realize that some clients provide instructions that are characterized by a harsh tone and numerous warnings. Such a client will not hesitate to reject your work if the instructions are bent slightly. Their eyes are always filled with criticism even when the job done is impeccable. A client with a neutral tone is the best.

  1. Ethnic/Racial Disclaimer 

You might have come across a client who only approves jobs done by Native-English speakers. This should come as a major red flag when you are searching or bidding for freelancing tasks. You must not waste your time in trying projects that are meant for Natives only. This does not mean that you are incapable of doing such tasks. The bottom line is that the client in question will not hesitate to reject your work for the fact that you are not a native English speaker.

  1. Low Approval Rates

There are some freelancing sites that give writers the privilege of understanding clients with regard to their approval/rejection trend. If you operate under such a site, be sure to take advantage and judge clients by their approval rates. A client whose number of rejections is higher than the approvals should be avoided. Only consider working for a client who has over 80% approval rate.

  1. Vague Instructions 

Some clients are too vague when it comes to providing instructions. If you find it really hard to comprehend what the client is trying to communicate, then it would be best to keep off the project. Chances of having your work rejected in this case are high. Clarity of instructions is something fundamental in a project. Every freelancer should aim understanding instructions before executing the task at hand.

The sweetness of freelancing is, of course, making money. Stay safe by choosing your clients wisely. Only then will you get the best reward for your sweat. 

Happy Freelancing Pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

5 Tips On Writing A Proposal For Bidding Freelancing Sites


Most freelancers can confirm that bidding for jobs can be a little hectic. In fact, some of us have never won a single bid even after a long period of trying. However, there is always a way to crack the hard nut. Perhaps your proposal betrays you in a number of ways. Or maybe you are not convincing your potential clients that you can indeed handle the upcoming task.

Well, my blog post today will give you some insights on how to create a nice proposal for bidding sites. Here are important tips for you:

  1. Be Succinct 

One thing you must understand is that clients do not have all the time to read through unending information about a certain freelancer. The mind of any client is bound to go numb if the proposal is too long and exaggerated. In this regard, your proposal has to be succinct. In other words, your proposal should not only be brief, but also clear and easy to read. Put the main point across early enough.

  1. Relay Your Professional Capacity 

It is pretty obvious that clients are always in search of professional freelancers. It is for this reason that a proposal has to communicate your professional capacity. This is seen as a way of convincing your clients that you are the right candidate for the upcoming projects. You can enlist all your academic achievements and substantiate everything with the relevant documents. Most bidding sites allow freelancers to attach documents.

  1. Answer All Questions 

The client does not have to necessarily ask questions in their project outline. However, all the requirements are always clearly put in the project. Answering questions, in this case, means providing a confirmation that you can meet all the requirements stated in the job description. The best way to show your client that you are indeed a very good listener is to answer all the questions lingering in their minds and those in the project description.

  1. Avoid Typo and Grammatical Errors 

The easiest way to drive away a client is providing a proposal that is filled with typo and grammar errors. Well, if you claim to be a professional and experienced writer, why then is your proposal filled with errors? It is easy to show your ability in executing a project by offering an error-free proposal. Always take your time in composing your proposal. Proofread everything and remove all mistakes before submission.

  1. Articulate What Makes You The Best (Not Price)

While price is a major point of concern among clients, there are still other factors that count. You main aim should not be offering a lenient deal to your potential client. Instead, you should aim at giving other reasons that you can indeed handle the task in question. Make sure that your convincing points are stronger than those of other bidders. Do not just communicate the obvious.


It is indisputable that an attractive proposal stands high chances of being awarded. You must therefore aim at creating such a proposal. Give everything a unique twist and an outstanding approach. Doing so will certainly increase your chances of winning many bids.

Drop your comments, opinions, and questions below. Happy bidding guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




(PT 2) 5 More Niches That Can Make You Money Online


I am back with an additional list of niches that you can try in order to make more dollars online. It is simply incredible how the online divide is diverse. You must not be reluctant to diversification if your wish is to become the best online freelancer.

Let me not waste much of your time. Here are 5 more online money-making niches:

  1. Selling at Ebay

Ebay stands as one of the prime online markets. The site features heavy traffic hence you can venture into selling products there. You can develop your own products and sell them at Ebay, or rather help others in selling theirs. Marketing products at Ebay is very easy, considering the heavy traffic.

  1. Captioning and Video Editing

Just like the name goes, this niche entails captioning and editing of videos. Some freelancing sites like Upwork.com, Elance.com and others offer such tasks. The niche pays well especially if you are privileged to have a direct and/or consistent client. However, you will require some skills in the niche in order to handle the respective tasks comfortably.

  1. Web Designing

With so many websites being developed by the day, designing in this front has a lot of returns. However, you must have the necessary knowledge and expertise in order to design a good website. It pays really well to design a single website. Such jobs are available in different platforms.

  1. Virtual Assistant

This is one niche that most people tend to overlook. Virtual assistance is not as complicated as you may perceive. It is just like when you could be working as a personal assistance in someone’s office. At this juncture, you will be required to make all the necessary arrangements for your employer including management of appointments, mails and giving reminders online. The amount earned by virtual assistants is more than what some online niches can offer.

  1. Data Entry

 There are so many sites that offer data entry jobs. The problem is that you have to toil really hard for you to make good money in data entry. Some sites pay as little as $0.01 for a single entry. However, the tasks involved are not hard at all.


More and more online niches where you can make money are still yet to come. I am sure that you greatly yearn to invest your efforts in a niche that pays the best. However, in as much as you would want to make the most in online freelancing, it is ideal to have the necessary skills.

I hope this post gives you a redefined direction in online freelancing. Drop your comments, opinions or questions below and I will be glad to interact. Happy freelancing pals!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Online Niches That Can Make You Dollars


No one can deny that civilization is heading towards the Internet. Unlike in the past, it is now possible to make money from the comfort of your home with the help of the Internet. There are so many niches where freelancers can make money online and, therefore, it is for you to make a wise choice. Some niches pay handsomely while others are more on the lower side of earning. The bottom line is that you can make real money when freelancing online.

So, which are the main field/niches that you should focus on as an online freelancer?

  1. Academic Writing 

This is one of the niches seen as online goldmines by many. This is because academic writing tasks pay pretty well. In this case, academic writing is where you help students do their assignments and projects in exchange for payment. You may be required to write an essay, thesis or any other thing that revolves around academic projects. Among the known platforms in this niche include:

  • Uvocorp
  • Writerbay
  • 4Writers
  • Essayshark
  • Essaywriters
  • AcademiaResearch
  • ResearchEden
  • Acemyhomework
  • Bluecorpservices
  • And many more
  1. Feature Writing (Articles) 

The niche involves composition of web content. In other words, professional and talented writers meet clients online who assign article-writing projects. The articles are then posted to the respective websites. The truth is that feature writing is one of the largest freelancing niches. With so many websites being opened by the day, demand for articles keeps rising concurrently. Check my blog posts on different sites where you can find article-writing jobs here and here.

  1. Transcription

For those who are not familiar with the term, transcription is where you convert an audio file into text. It majorly involves listening and typing skills. So far, there are so many transcription platforms where freelancers in that divide can find jobs. Among the leading transcription platforms are:

  • Rev
  • TranscribeMe
  • CastingWords
  • And many more
  1. Blogging 

There are so many things you can do through blogging. The bottom line is that blogging is a major freelancing niche. You can start a free blog and monetize it gradually. At early stages, you can decide to sell your products like ebooks, courses or even offer consultation services. Once your blog has been upgraded, you can then focus on advertising and other major things that can earn you more returns.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

It is seen as one of the most productive niches especially for those who are conversant with blog and website administration. It entails marketing products for other companies and earning a commission in return. Some companies like Payoneer.com offer a high commission for any person who applies for their Mastercard through an affiliate link. There so many other companies that give room for affiliate marketing.


Choosing the ideal freelancing niche is not all about money. It is more on how good you can do the respective tasks. I hope you finally find a niche that will offer more returns than before.

As usual, feel free to drop your comments, questions, and opinions. More niches will be covered in the next blog post. Happy Freelancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!