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I am a long-time writer at In fact, I am an Elite-Plus writer in the platform. For this reason, I felt it was necessary to share some important insights on how to maneuver through the site. I have an E-Book that will feed you with the knowledge that you need regarding It constitutes all the strategies I used to climb the ladder to the top-most level.

You can be a super iWriter.Com writer! Yes You Can!

My Ebook touches on the following:

1. The Starting Point

2. Why Writer Ratings Turn Dormant Gradually

3. Importance of Quality Pieces

4. Client Selection

5. Do You Need A new Account

6. How To Get Special Orders At Early Stages Of Your New Account

7. How To Remarkably Reduce Chances Of Rejection

8. After Reaching The Promised land, What Next?

The E-Book goes at Ksh227 or $3

Place your order by reaching me through

1. FaceBook: Gitonga Charles

2. Gmail:

3. Cell: 0706 740 970


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