Academic-Writing Training

Academic writing still remains as one of the best-paying niches in the freelancing world. It is not a bad idea, therefore, to learn and understand how to compose credible, high-quality, appealing, and irresistible academic papers. I am here to offer you the best training in academic writing. My sole aim is to ensure that I transform you into a professional researcher, one who will be confident enough to run a personal account.

So, what do I cover in my academic-writing training?

• The MLA Style guide
• The Chicago Style Guide
• The Harvard Style Guide
• The APA Style Guide

The common concepts to be covered in the aforementioned styles are:

• General page formatting
• How to insert citations using MS Word
• The general concept of word-count in academic-writing
• Different types of academic papers and how to handle them
• The recommended research resources

In addition, we will cover:

• The common tools that are considered ideal in academic writing in general
• Plagiarism and how to avoid it
• The most recommended plagiarism checkers (covered as part of the academic tools)
• The recommended tone in article writing
• Grammar basics

My training is purely online for the sake of convenience. All lessons will be sent via mail, after which the trainee will have at least 2 days to complete each lesson. All tutorials will come in either of the following forms:

• MS Word Documents
• PDF Files
• Web Links
• Samples
• General mails

In case you have any question with regard to any of the lessons, I will be available anytime to offer you the respective answer. I normally do not guarantee immediate work for my trainees after the course. This should not worry you though. I will introduce you to some of the online forums as well as individuals where you can source academic writing work. I also hire once in a while.

An advantaged trainee can go a step beyond being hired and buy his/her own account. It is possible to get an academic writing account for as low as Ksh5, 000.
The entire academic-writing training kit goes for 1K. Training begins as soon as payment is made.

My phone number is 0706 740 970. Other contact details are in the ‘Contacts’ page of this blog. Happy Freelancing!!!!