8 SEO Mistakes To Avoid





SEO is an acronym that seems easier to say than implement. It is unfortunate that majority of website owners keep making the same mistakes over and over. Well, it is about time you identified the mistakes that keep derailing your blog/website and do away with them once and for all. After all, high gains is what you want, right?

Google and other search engines tend to keep stepping up their criterion in ranking websites. In this regard, you must also step up your game and beat the high competition already in existence. It is not hard. All you need is to abide by the principles that can compel your website to rank among the first SERPs in leading search engines.

Here are 5 biggest SEO mistakes and how you can avoid them easily:

1. Keyword Stuffing

Majority of website owners tend to hold the belief that keyword stuffing is the only way to beat competition in Google ranking. If that is what you go by, then you are missing the whole point. You do not have to repeat a single keyword over and over with the intention of manipulating search engines. This used to work before but not any more.

Way Out: It is simple! You just need to avoid keyword stuffing. It is more effective to do a thorough research and come up with powerful keywords. With just a few powerful keywords, stuffing will not be necessary. You simply need to evenly distribute the keywords without exceeding 6% density.

2. Plagiarism

Maybe you came across a commanding blog ranking high on search engines and you thought of duplicating the content to help your website rank high too. Again this is a missed point. Plagiarism is not only a crime but also a futile way of ranking content. You can never find your way to the top rank with copied content.

Way out: There is no shortcut when it comes to content creation. You must start from scratch. The idea here is to uphold utmost uniqueness when writing articles. You can borrow ideas from other websites but you must not copy.

3. No New Content

It is unfortunate that most website owners take rather too long to provide fresh content. It might interest you to know that in as much as your content is of high quality and properly optimized, it might not remain in the first rank for long. Better content is always making way into the market. Your keywords may not maintain their rank for long.

Way Out: The idea here is to keep bringing in new content to your website. Your prospective clients and visitors are always on the lookout for something new. Google and other search engines also acknowledge change. Make sure that your content contains powerful keywords and that it is very unique.

4. Broken Links

Do you take time to check the kind of links you incorporate in your articles? Are they in the right condition? Broken links are considered as a common mistake made by website owners. In as much as back-links are considered powerful tools of SEO, broken ones do not feature the same power.

Way Out: Inspect all links you intend to incorporate in your content and make sure that everything is alright. Original links are highly recommended.

5. Ignoring Analytics

Insights and metrics will always remain powerful in aiding SEO. It is too bad that most people ignore analytics. Instead, they opt for simple ways of analyzing key aspects.

The importance of analytics is that you can easily monitor the direction that your website is taking. For instance, you can tell the number of people who have made way into your website in a given duration. You can also tell the nature of conversion rate in your site. This will in return motivate you to do more and better SEO. You will easily tell if your current SEO strategies you are employing are effective or not.

Way Out: Seek the best analytics tools and use them to your advantage. Use the tools to identify your weak points and make the necessary changes. Do not forget to focus more on the important aspects of SEO when doing analytics since that is the only way you will identify loops derailing your progress.

6. Missing Quality

When writing content for your website, quality must be upheld by all means. It is not always the question of creating content that is keyword-rich. It is more important to have quality content. Quality begins with the command of the language that you are using. Google can hardly give credit to content that does not feature the required quality threshold. Instead, you will only lose rank even when you have invested so much time in keyword research.

Way Out: You must begin by creating content that has good command in grammar. This means that there should be no spelling mistakes, typos, broken phrases, and anything else that can render your work quality-less. Aside from that, you must make sure that there is coherence and flow of ideas. Formatting also counts a lot in boosting quality. It must be noted that quality cannot be equated with quantity. The former must come first.

7. Missing Context

There are cases where website owners tend to move away from the main context with the aim of manipulating search engines. This can compromise the rank of your content in search engines. It is very important to stick to the theme of your website by all means. If your website is about weight loss, then all content created has to be in that line. Anything you post has to be totally relevant.

Way Out: You do not have any choice other than sticking to your lane. It is easier to create quality content within your line of specialization rather than finding shortcuts by emulating content that is not relevant. An added advantage to relevance is that your clients will not feel lost when going through your website. Remember that you are not talking to search engines but humans.

8. Overlooking Social Media

Did you know that there is so much power in social media? However, there tends to be no much value given to the same by bloggers and website owners. Most of them only consider social media as a platform that does not blend well with websites. If that is the notion you hold, then you are very lost.

Way Out: You must learn the art of using social media to your full advantage. There is so much that social media can do in helping you reach out to your prospective clients. You can share links to your websites in social media platforms. Chances are that those you connect with will click on the links and possibly convert into long-term clients. You can even enter into paid plans on social media as a way of reaching out to an even larger number.


There you go! These are the key mistakes that must never pull you back. They can be easily avoided. Choose the right path of your website and returns will definitely reflect. Aim at making changes often while identifying any possible loop that can render your efforts futile.