5 Browsers (Least-Known Yet Reliable)


Browsing experience may be complemented or, better still, ruined by the kind of browser you use. It is for this very reason that selection of the right browsers for any freelancer is greatly recommended. The truth is that most people are used to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Little did they know that there are other browsers out there that can be used as better substitutes.

Here is a list of 5 least-known, yet reliable, web browsers that you should consider:

  1. Torch Browser 


There is something I always love about Torch Browser. The Interface! I simply adore the appearance of this browser. It is quite sophisticated and with a lot more features than other browsers out there. Response speed is high enough, hence offering you the ultimate browsing experience.

  1. Tor Browser 


Here comes a close sister to Mozilla Firefox. Most of its operation basics tally heavily with Mozilla. However, there is something very unique about this browser and that is Anonymous Browsing. If you intend to access sites that are blocked, then you can simply download Tor Browser. It is not only reliable but efficient as well.

  1. Pale Moon Browser 


Initially, Pale Moon Browser had a lot of commonalities with Mozilla Firefox. However, as time passed, a wider division between the two browsers showed up. Currently, Pale Moon is a totally independent and different browser from Firefox. Its efficiency and speed cannot be doubted. Navigation for users is easy as well.

  1. Midori Browser 


For Linux users, Midori can work just fine for you. It is a lightweight browser that can work ideally for normal access to web pages. Currently, the browser is being used a prime default alternative of Linux distributions. The best thing about this browser is that you can block unwanted and irritating pop-up ads. Incredible!

  1. QupZilla Browser


Some people may have the perception that this browser has a lot of connections with Mozilla. On the contrary, the two browsers are not related at all. Qupzilla is very unique in its own way. It also has an ad blocker to facilitate uninterrupted browsing experience. Navigation for users is very easy.


You can switch from your usual Mozilla or Chrome browser and try either of the above. One thing for sure is that the browsers are really reliable.

Drop your comments and opinions below and let’s know your experience with your current browser. Happy freelancing pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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