6 Simple Yet Effective Tips on Increasing Your Typing Speed

                          Apple Keyboard

It does not matter if you are transcriber or a writer. The bottom line is that any freelancer must have a considerably high typing speed. You will realize that some of the tasks online have very strict deadlines. This means that you will have to speed up in order to meet the set deadline. This can only be achieved with a high typing speed.

So, what can you do to enhance your typing speed?

  1. Be In The Right Posture 

Your sitting position has a lot to do with how fast you can type. In order to type faster, your back should be straight-up and your hands in level with the keyboard. That way, you will not have to train when moving your arms and fingers across the keyboard.

  1. Use Both hands 

One of the common mistakes that new freelancers make is trying to type using one hand. Doing so will not aid in improving your speed. It is important to note that a computer keyboard is wide. This is why you have to use two hands in order to cover the entire field. Each hand should handle half the keyboard.

  1. Make Use of Free Online Test Tools

You will like the fact that there are a number of online tools that you can use to test and increase your typing speed. With the tools, you can test how developed your typing skills are. One of the best tools, in this case, is Typingtest.com.

  1. Face The Screen

This may sound crazy, right? Well, for your information, this is one of the best strategies that can help in boosting your typing speed remarkably. However, facing the screen alone when typing is something that you will learn gradually. You can test your keyboard mastering, once in a while, by concentrating on the screen. Once you perfect this strategy, it becomes really easy to type.

  1. Engage All Fingers

Instead of using two or three fingers when typing, it would be best to engage all ten fingers. Like earlier stated, the keyboard is quite wide. One of the best ways to reach out to all corners of the keyboard is by engaging all your fingers.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice 

Without practice, your typing speed will never improve. You must make typing your hobby and more so daily activity. After all, you are a freelancer, aren’t you? If your fingers stay dormant to typing for long, then improvements may never come along.


Typing speed is very fundamental in executing any freelancing task. It is with the help of fast typing speed that you will be able to hit even the shallowest deadlines. You must, therefore, aim at improving your speed by the day.

I will be making a blog post on top online typing tools next. Keep in touch.

Drop your comments, opinions and additional tips below. Happy freelancing Pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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