How To Create A Long-Term Relation With Your Clients


I am sure you would not mind having repeat clients in your freelancing career, right? However, this is not easy at all. It takes profound efforts to ensure that you get repeat clients. The best part is that if you get repeat clients, earning immensely will no longer be a hassle. You will always enjoy the privilege of having constant workflow, even when other freelancers are complaining about short supply on their end.

Here are important things that you should do to win a client over, and consequently develop a long term working relationship:

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1. Quality, Quality, Quality 

One thing that you must know is that clients only opt for writers who often provide quality pieces. It may never be possible to win a long-term client if your work is shoddy and junk. In this regard, the very first thing you should cultivate in your articles is quality. Aim at improving your writing skills each day and you will eventually secure repeat clients.

2. Appreciate Good Feedback and Rating

Sometimes it takes more than quality to win a long-term client. It may prove productive to appeal with your client to consider you in future projects. In most freelancing platforms, writers have the privilege of sending private messages to clients. In case one of your clients liked your work and rated you well, it will be best to appreciate that. Express gratitude for the generous act from your clients. Do not take good rating from your clients as something obvious.

3. Accept Criticism

The truth is that most writers do not have the strength to take criticism positively. If you are such kind of a writer, then winning a long-term client may be next to impossible. Any man is prone to errors and that is why criticism should be taken as a learning experience. Always do the necessary rectifications as requested by your client and do forget to apologize for any inconveniences caused.

4. Give Free Pieces 

This may sound crazy to most writers. However, giving a free article once in a while is an ideal way of winning the confidence of your client. A client who receives a discount from you once in a while will not hesitate to come back with more work. You will even be surprised to receive nice tips from such clients. And as the old saying goes, ‘givers always receive abundantly’. However, you must implement this strategy sparingly. The bottom idea is to entice your clients.

5. Keep Checking on Your Client 

It is not always about business. Remember that your client is a human being just like you. Checking on your client, once in a while, is a very effective strategy in cultivating long-term relationship. A simple salutation or rather concern about the wellbeing of your client can do wonders.


You will certainly get repeat clients if you implement the above-mentioned strategies. However, you must aim at getting even more clients. Never rely fully on a single client you met online since you might be frustrated if they withdraw unexpectedly.

Drop your comments and opinions below. Let us share our thoughts. Happy freelancing pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!