5 Tips On Creating an Attention-Grabbing Article Introduction


Did you know that the nature of introduction in any of your articles heavily determines if you will get an approval or rejection? Why? An introduction marks the starting point of the article and if not tailored in the best way, everything that follows can turn cold. It does not matter if your article body is hot and intriguing. With a dull introduction, no reader will be interested in what you have to offer down there.

In this regard, it is imperative to ensure that your introduction is not only captivating, but attention-grabbing as well.

Be sure to implement the following tips and strategies in creating your article introduction:

  1. Give A Revelation 

One of the best ways of starting an introduction is revealing something that your readers, probably, did not know. This is seen as an ideal way of arousing curiosity among your readers. Come up with a fact, or anything that can make readers click on the ‘read on’ button or scroll down without hesitation. However, it is important to avoid making the very obvious revelations.

  1. Start With A Quote 

There are so many wise quotes that you can use in your article introduction. A quote always gives a very nice twist to your article. It also portrays your expertise in writing. In other words, a quote will always compel readers to read even further. Note that quotes carry disguised meanings. An introduction that starts with a wise quote will, therefore, compel the reader to dig deeper in order to understand what you meant from the beginning.

However, it is important to ensure that the quote used is in context with the topic at hand. A non-contextual quote will only mislead your readers, and they might lose interest.

  1. Ask A Question 

It is pretty obvious that a question must have an answer. In this case, starting an introduction with a question will make your readers look for answers. In short, questions trigger curiosity among readers hence making them interested in the body content.

Important to note, answers to the question should be delayed until you get to the main content. If readers get answers at the introduction, it means that they may not see any reason in going through the entire article. The idea here is to find an approach that answers your question in detail.

  1. Quantity vs Quality 

Most writers have the perception that an article introduction is the best point to incorporate filler words. Meeting the word-count of your article should not be substituted with quality. Note that an introduction sets the entire pace, hence the need to observe quality. It is very easy to dismiss your readers by giving them junk introduction material. An introduction should not be long. 50-70 words are enough to introduce any topic.

  1. Invoke A Controversy 

You heard me right! There are so many strategies that can be used in creating a spicy introduction. However, using little controversy is certainly one of the most effective strategies. You should not aim at creating a biased introduction. Instead, you should introduce something that people will love and hate at the same time. A little controversy can be used to hook your readers.


An introduction carries a lot of weight in any article. Creating an attention-grabbing, spicy, intriguing and interesting introduction should be your primary aim. You must not bore your readers from the start. Instead, you should give them the reason to read on.

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4 thoughts on “5 Tips On Creating an Attention-Grabbing Article Introduction

  1. i love it.am gathering ideas on how to start writing,am glad i found this and i hope it takes me to greater heights.thanks

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