4 Key Red Flags That Expose Bad Clients in Freelancing Sites


In as much as you would want to make money online, it is indispensable to understand the kind of clients you deal with. With so many clients in search for freelancers, it might prove tricky to choose the ideal one. However, you have no choice other than finding ways to identify the right clients. One of the best ways to do so is by understanding all red flags that indicate ill motives in a client. Some clients may only ruin your freelancing profile and this is certainly something that you would not want.

Here are some of the indications that a certain client is not the best to work with:

  1. Long Instructions 

The very first thing that you should check in any freelancing project is the instructions. In this case, you should be alarmed by long instructions. I have come across some clients who request for a 300-word article, yet their instructions are more than 300 words. I can’t help but wonder…such a client could have done the task instead of assigning, right?

Any sane freelancer will identify such a client as ill-motived. Chances of suffering rejections in the hands of such clients are high. A client with short, simple and precise instructions should be opted for.

  1. Constant Warnings

Another thing that should caution you not to work for a certain client is warnings. You will realize that some clients provide instructions that are characterized by a harsh tone and numerous warnings. Such a client will not hesitate to reject your work if the instructions are bent slightly. Their eyes are always filled with criticism even when the job done is impeccable. A client with a neutral tone is the best.

  1. Ethnic/Racial Disclaimer 

You might have come across a client who only approves jobs done by Native-English speakers. This should come as a major red flag when you are searching or bidding for freelancing tasks. You must not waste your time in trying projects that are meant for Natives only. This does not mean that you are incapable of doing such tasks. The bottom line is that the client in question will not hesitate to reject your work for the fact that you are not a native English speaker.

  1. Low Approval Rates

There are some freelancing sites that give writers the privilege of understanding clients with regard to their approval/rejection trend. If you operate under such a site, be sure to take advantage and judge clients by their approval rates. A client whose number of rejections is higher than the approvals should be avoided. Only consider working for a client who has over 80% approval rate.

  1. Vague Instructions 

Some clients are too vague when it comes to providing instructions. If you find it really hard to comprehend what the client is trying to communicate, then it would be best to keep off the project. Chances of having your work rejected in this case are high. Clarity of instructions is something fundamental in a project. Every freelancer should aim understanding instructions before executing the task at hand.

The sweetness of freelancing is, of course, making money. Stay safe by choosing your clients wisely. Only then will you get the best reward for your sweat. 

Happy Freelancing Pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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