5 Tips On Writing A Proposal For Bidding Freelancing Sites


Most freelancers can confirm that bidding for jobs can be a little hectic. In fact, some of us have never won a single bid even after a long period of trying. However, there is always a way to crack the hard nut. Perhaps your proposal betrays you in a number of ways. Or maybe you are not convincing your potential clients that you can indeed handle the upcoming task.

Well, my blog post today will give you some insights on how to create a nice proposal for bidding sites. Here are important tips for you:

  1. Be Succinct 

One thing you must understand is that clients do not have all the time to read through unending information about a certain freelancer. The mind of any client is bound to go numb if the proposal is too long and exaggerated. In this regard, your proposal has to be succinct. In other words, your proposal should not only be brief, but also clear and easy to read. Put the main point across early enough.

  1. Relay Your Professional Capacity 

It is pretty obvious that clients are always in search of professional freelancers. It is for this reason that a proposal has to communicate your professional capacity. This is seen as a way of convincing your clients that you are the right candidate for the upcoming projects. You can enlist all your academic achievements and substantiate everything with the relevant documents. Most bidding sites allow freelancers to attach documents.

  1. Answer All Questions 

The client does not have to necessarily ask questions in their project outline. However, all the requirements are always clearly put in the project. Answering questions, in this case, means providing a confirmation that you can meet all the requirements stated in the job description. The best way to show your client that you are indeed a very good listener is to answer all the questions lingering in their minds and those in the project description.

  1. Avoid Typo and Grammatical Errors 

The easiest way to drive away a client is providing a proposal that is filled with typo and grammar errors. Well, if you claim to be a professional and experienced writer, why then is your proposal filled with errors? It is easy to show your ability in executing a project by offering an error-free proposal. Always take your time in composing your proposal. Proofread everything and remove all mistakes before submission.

  1. Articulate What Makes You The Best (Not Price)

While price is a major point of concern among clients, there are still other factors that count. You main aim should not be offering a lenient deal to your potential client. Instead, you should aim at giving other reasons that you can indeed handle the task in question. Make sure that your convincing points are stronger than those of other bidders. Do not just communicate the obvious.


It is indisputable that an attractive proposal stands high chances of being awarded. You must therefore aim at creating such a proposal. Give everything a unique twist and an outstanding approach. Doing so will certainly increase your chances of winning many bids.

Drop your comments, opinions, and questions below. Happy bidding guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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