(PT 2) 5 More Niches That Can Make You Money Online


I am back with an additional list of niches that you can try in order to make more dollars online. It is simply incredible how the online divide is diverse. You must not be reluctant to diversification if your wish is to become the best online freelancer.

Let me not waste much of your time. Here are 5 more online money-making niches:

  1. Selling at Ebay

Ebay stands as one of the prime online markets. The site features heavy traffic hence you can venture into selling products there. You can develop your own products and sell them at Ebay, or rather help others in selling theirs. Marketing products at Ebay is very easy, considering the heavy traffic.

  1. Captioning and Video Editing

Just like the name goes, this niche entails captioning and editing of videos. Some freelancing sites like Upwork.com, Elance.com and others offer such tasks. The niche pays well especially if you are privileged to have a direct and/or consistent client. However, you will require some skills in the niche in order to handle the respective tasks comfortably.

  1. Web Designing

With so many websites being developed by the day, designing in this front has a lot of returns. However, you must have the necessary knowledge and expertise in order to design a good website. It pays really well to design a single website. Such jobs are available in different platforms.

  1. Virtual Assistant

This is one niche that most people tend to overlook. Virtual assistance is not as complicated as you may perceive. It is just like when you could be working as a personal assistance in someone’s office. At this juncture, you will be required to make all the necessary arrangements for your employer including management of appointments, mails and giving reminders online. The amount earned by virtual assistants is more than what some online niches can offer.

  1. Data Entry

 There are so many sites that offer data entry jobs. The problem is that you have to toil really hard for you to make good money in data entry. Some sites pay as little as $0.01 for a single entry. However, the tasks involved are not hard at all.


More and more online niches where you can make money are still yet to come. I am sure that you greatly yearn to invest your efforts in a niche that pays the best. However, in as much as you would want to make the most in online freelancing, it is ideal to have the necessary skills.

I hope this post gives you a redefined direction in online freelancing. Drop your comments, opinions or questions below and I will be glad to interact. Happy freelancing pals!!!!!!!!!!!!


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