5 Fundamental Things Every Freelancer Should Invest In


You have finally decided to make freelancing your full-time job, right? Now, there are a number of things that you must invest in to ensure that your working experience is the best. The fundamental things, in this case, are meant to boost the environment that you are working in and to reduce any inconveniences.

It might interest you to know that the environment you work in has a lot to do with your performance. An unfavorable environment will definitely dwindle your earnings and vise versa.

So, which are the fundamental things that you should invest in as a full-time (or even part-time) freelancer?

1. A Reliable Computer

 A reliable computer does not have to be expensive. There are so many computer brands transpiring in the market currently, but not all can make the best. A reliable computer is one that can operate for long without developing faults of hitches. Be sure to check some of the major specs in a computer, including RAM, Processor speed and Hard Drive capacity.

2. Reliable Internet Connection

 Working online is literally impossible if you do not have Internet connection. Internet is, therefore, a fundamental requirement for any aspiring freelancer. There are so many avenues you can use to get reliable Internet connection. You can opt to buy a 3G(+) modem or better still go for Fiber services. I would really advocate for Fiber services since they are more reliable in terms of speed and convenience. An unlimited Internet connection plan is also a major preference for any online freelancer.

3. Chair

Most people tend to snub the importance of a comfortable chair for their freelancing tasks. It does not mean that your couch is not comfortable enough. The major concern here is your posture. Your head, back and legs have to be properly positioned for the sake of comfort during your freelancing tasks. An ergonomic chair is therefore preferable over mere couches.

4. Desk

It does not make sense in buying a very comfortable chair and leaving out a desk. For your information, a desk is as important as a chair for any freelancer. It is imperative to ensure that the desk you choose is of considerable height (not too high and not too low). You should not strain when typing out.

5. Headphones

The truth is that any freelancer will require a headset, at one point or the other. It does not matter on if you are a transcriber or not. Headphones are considered necessary in freelancing. In this regard, you should aim at procuring headphones that will serve you best. Noise-cancellation feature and sound quality should be your major concern.


With all the things that can facilitate easy freelancing, you can be assured of making the best returns. You can spare some dollars and invest in the above-mentioned things in order to make your endeavors even more fruitful.

Perhaps there is something I might have left out. Feel free to enlighten others with your thoughts. Drop your comments, questions or opinion below.  Let’s make freelancing even more fruitful. Until tomorrow, I WISH YOU HAPPY FREELANCING!!!!!  


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