(PT 2) 8 Sites That pay For Article writing


I promised to come back with another list of article writing sites where you can make an extra dollar. I believe you wouldn’t mind that, would you? Well, here is the list:

1. CollegeHumor.com

I understand that humor writing is a big hassle to many. However, this does not mean that the nut is too hard to crack. If you have a sense of humor, then CollegeHumor.com can work for you. The site pays $15 for every article that qualifies to be humorous.

2. TopTenz.net

Here, writers are expected to submit articles on Top-Ten topics. You can start by sending them an email on your proposed topic before you begin writing. Upon the approval of your topic, you can compose the article and submit it to the same email. If the article is accepted, then you will be compensated $50. Submissions of between 1500 and 2000 words are allowed. All formatting guidelines are well put in their homepage of the site.

3. Elance.com

This stands among the long-time freelancing platforms. Aside from offering article-writing jobs, other gigs including web design, academic writing and many more are included. There are millions of clients in this platform and that is why you should take advantage. However, you will have to bid in order to secure jobs in this platform. Payment may vary depending on clients.

4. Getacopywriter.com

Here is another platform where article writers can source jobs. The site gives room for writers with expertise in different niches including technology, education, nutrition, health and fitness, finance, electronics, travel, industrial, medical and many others. You can submit your application and wait for approval after which you will be all set to work.

5. Londonbrokers.net

The only problem with London Brokers is that only Native English Speakers are allowed to sign-up. However, you can still find a way to maneuver through and get your own account even as a non-native English speaker (check my blogpost on applications you can use to mask your IP address here). The bottom line is that London Brokers pays handsomely for their freelancing jobs.

6. Upwork.com

Quite new, right? Well, this is the site that was previously known as oDesk.com. For those who have been overlooking this site, then you do not know the sweetness of freelancing. Upwork, has been there for a long time offering innumerable article-writing projects. Payment here also varies depending on the client you are working for.

7. BudgetTravel.com

Although the site is least known, there is a lot to earn here. BudgetTravel.com pays $0.5 to $1 per word. Topics covered in this site are more on travel. You can register with the site and seek writing jobs.

8. DropZone

Although this is not a freelancing platform, the site gives room for writers to submit their articles and get paid. A published article in this site is paid $50 while a featured article is paid $100. Quality is very necessary for your articles to be published or even featured.


Some of the sites mentioned above are for outsourcing purposes (numerous clients meet writers and outsource while the platform charges a commission). Others only source content for publishing in the same site. Whichever the case, you need to check the sites and see if you can make an extra dollar from them.

Drop your comments, questions, opinions below. Happy Freelancing Pals!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “(PT 2) 8 Sites That pay For Article writing

  1. I saw ur blog on cjui masking. Do u think it can apply to paid surveys since i tried severally no room for Africans

    • It should help Dann. However, you need to go for the best proxies. Zenmate may work well since you can change your location to US, Romania and other countries.

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