Top 7 Sites That Pay For Article-Writing


Diversification has always been a gospel preached by most professional online freelancers. You may wonder how possible it is to diversify yet your only specialty is writing. For your information, you can still diversify, this time from within your specialty.

What do I mean? Currently, there are so many sites where you can source article-writing jobs. However, if you believe in sticking to one site, then you do not really know the meaning of diversification. In this case, diversification means trying other article-writing sites and even working there.

Have a look at some sites that you can try and source article-writing jobs below:

  1. ListVerse

This may sound strange to many since it is not considered as a freelancing platform. It is more of an article directory than a freelancing platform. If you can create a high quality and factual LIST article, you can submit it to the administration of this site. If they like your work, then you will be compensated. They usually pay $100 for 1500 words. Top 10 articles are preferred here. Incredible!


Again, this is a new one to many. However, the site has been seen by many as a goldmine that was yet to be discovered. The best thing about this site is that you can take 5 orders at a go. For those aspiring to outsource work from other writers, this site can work well for you. The deals here are very juicy and attractive.


I cannot forget to mention This is one of the sites that I have personally worked with for a long time. I can boldly assure you that there is a lot to make at Elite-Plus writers make as much as $50 for 1000 words. The offer can be even better depending on the client in question. Register here for free.


The site has not been there for long. However, a lot of jobs have been available for the short time the site has been in operation. For those who can write well about prescription drugs, this site may suit you perfectly. Other topics are also covered in the site, though drugs dominate everything. A 400-word piece is worth $5. Register here.


Here is yet another goldmine that might lure your attention. Although the site looks for Native English Speakers, there is still a way you can maneuver and create your account (a topic for another day). At, freelancers are paid $40 for 500 words. However, the rates may vary depending on a number of factors.

  1. has been there for quite a long duration. This is not a ‘Take’ platform. You will have to make your gigs and sell them to clients. Each gig goes for $5 hence the word FIVErr. You can however negotiate with your client in case a bulk order is assigned. Gig-creation techniques are very important in this case since it is the only way you can attract clients’ attention. Sign Up here.


Another very appealing platform where freelancers can make good money is The site allows you to post articles and consequently sell them. Any topic is allowed in this site. You do not have to be assigned jobs in this platform. All you need is to come up with a topic of your choice and post it for sale. The idea in selling the most articles at is writing on high-demand topics. Travel, online business, fitness, tips-based articles, and finance are among the hot topics you should write about. Recently, the site increased their payment per word from 1 cent to 2 cents for basic level writers. Register here.


Now you know that there are still other sites you can get some dollars from. You, therefore, have no reason not to diversify. Try either other sites and see if you can maneuver through. Another post on more freelancing sites will be coming real soon.


20 thoughts on “Top 7 Sites That Pay For Article-Writing

  1. keep do i become a writer on do that masking article soon.looking forward to it

  2. Hello, I have been trying to sign up to the Ineed articles. Every time I get “Testing Currently unavailable”. Was just requesting any leads as to when or how can I get this account and start working immediately

    • Hello collins. is not enrolling new writers currently. You can however buy an account from those who have them already. Better still, you can try other sites while peeping if is hiring.

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