5 Reasons Why Your Articles Are Rejected All The Time


It feels really discouraging to log into your freelancing account only to find that your previously submitted work was rejected. In fact, you might be compelled to give up your freelancing career simply because the number of rejections you are getting is too much. Not too fast! You can’t quit just yet.

It is only ideal to trace some of the loopholes leading to article rejections and see if you can seal them. One thing for sure is that you can avoid article rejections by a large percentage.

Here are some of the reasons why your articles are frequently rejected:

  1. Poor Client Selection

 You must never be overexcited simply because you have found thousands of clients in a freelancing platform all in dire need for articles. It might interest you to know that not all clients have good motives. Some are in the platform as conmen while others are there to simply ruin your profile. You heard me right! RUIN YOUR PROFILE!

Client selection is something that must never be overlooked or taken easily. Your eyes should only yearn for clients who have outstanding profiles based on their previous ratings to writers. For sites like iWriter.com, you have the privilege of choosing clients with regard to their approval rates. A client with over 80% approval rate or positive feedback should be your selection.

  1. Missing Quality

 No sane client will ever accept an article that lacks quality in all aspects. In as much as a client wishes to spare your profile, at times they are forced to just reject your work since there is no quality in it. If you must evade rejections from the beginning, then quality must be your motivating factor when composing your articles. Never miss this point since it is fundamental.

  1. Missed Context

 It is very important to first understand the topic that you have been provided by your client. You must also understand the most ideal approach to the topic. Failure to do so means that you might end up composing content that is totally out of context. If you miss the main point, your client will find no use in the articles you provide. As such, he will be forced to reject your work. Take your first 10 minutes to research on the subject matter and then write.

  1. Poor Communication With Clients

 If you did not know, there is a lot of power in positive communication between you and your client. Most people tend to snub this. It is possible to narrow down your chances of rejections by over 80% through simple communication.

I believe that any platform you are working with gives room for communication between clients and writer. You must take advantage of this feature to plead with your client not to reject your work. You can instead request for drafts in order to make the necessary rectifications.

  1. Poor Grammar

 I need not to say much about grammar. Errors in that line are always the main stirring factor for article rejections. Always aim at improving your grammar by the day. That is the least you can do since writing is basically a learning experience.

I hope this piece will make your writing experience even better. There is no fun in writing if you do not get some dollars in return. Article rejection is a choice!

Drop your comments, opinions, questions and inquiries below.


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