For any writer, expressing his ideas so that reader understands exactly the same way the writer intended is critical. The following are some of the best article writing tips.

Know the information you want to relay

First you should know exactly what you want to pass to your reader. You should also consider the final use of the article and tailor it in such a manner as to suite the purpose.

Identify your audience

Secondly you identify the audience. This is necessary as it determines the tone of the article. It also helps you orient the content.


Thirdly you layout and outline. The outline contains the main points of the article. Outlining helps you include all your ideas thus giving the reader substantial and complete content. It also gives you a platform of arranging your ideas systematically to enhance understandability.

Begin writing

You can now begin to write. You start with the introduction. The introduction should be well written to arouse the interest of the reader. Secondly write the body which contains the ideas. Finally, write an appropriate conclusion that sums up the whole article. Don’t forget to accord the article an appropriate title.


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