Blogs are great marketing tools but before they provide the services they are meant for, they need to be visible. Blog visibility requires different marketing strategies that will ensure that the readers increase and the purpose of the blog is easily achieved. Traffic is important for any content that is online, and below are a few ways to increase the flow.

Social Media

Blogs are part of the larger social media platform but to be successful they require the assistance of the other more popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others. You will need to link your blog to your social media pages and use the pages to market the blog. People are always looking for good interesting reads covering different topics. By posting a link on social media pages, your friends or people who like you will click on it and if it is a good one, they will share it with their friends and this will ultimately attract more people.

Loyal Blog Readers and Comments

In efforts to market your blog, it is essential that you find a loyal reader and commenter who will make the blog look more popular and show other people that it is a good read. The comments will also encourage the readers to leave comments.

Participate in other blogs

In the blogging world, when you scratch a back, yours will be scratched. The best way to market your blog is to leave comments on larger blogs or blogs in your line of topics as people interested in your type of content will want to read what you have.

Keywords and title

Catchy titles and targeted keywords will go a long way in attracting qualified traffic. This is traffic that will visit your blog because they are interested in reading the content as opposed to people who leave the moment they enter the blog.


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