Promoting new blog posts may at times prove daunting especially when wrong strategies and techniques are applied. Most people think that upon publishing their new blog post, it automatically attracts readers. On the contrary, publishing a post is not enough at all.  You must add some strategies to ensure that your new post is fully exposed to the target audience.

The problem is that a lot of bloggers do not possess the knowledge of making popular their new blog posts. Consequently, they end up doing a lot of work composing their content only for it not to effectively reach out to their target audience. Below are some of the best strategies which if properly implemented can greatly promote every new post in your blog. The tips may not apply simultaneously but they should equip you with the necessary tools for the success of your blog:


This is regarded one of the most effective way of promoting new blog posts. Once you publish a post in your blog, be sure to let your fellow bloggers know about it especially those who have created a good image in the world of blogging. They will definitely be of great help in ensuring the new publication goes viral by recommending your posts to their followers.

However, this strategy will only work under specific conditions. Here are tips to help you in this:

  • Your posts should be of great relevance to the other blogger.
  • Make your communication with the blogger brief and straight to the point. For more information, you can provide the blogger with links.
  • Always pitch your best compositions. It is the only way to win the attention of other bloggers.
  • Always approach the blogger in a polite way. Request other bloggers humbly instead of just assuming they will automatically promote your blog post.
  • Make everything clear to your target blogger. Convince them why you think that your post is of relevance to them.


Wondering how you can come up with the best feature article for your blog? Well, writing feature articles is not a daunting task. However, it can be if you view everything from the wrong angle. Here are some key tips on composing a top ranking feature article:

  • Avoid complicated languages. If writing in English, drop the art of using complicated vocabularies. Note that you are not writing to impress but to communicate. Always go simple.
  • Always focus on SEO when writing your feature. By this I mean that you should learn the art of applying keywords. Main keywords should appear in the heading and in the first and last paragraphs.
  • Go straight to the point. Avoid beating about the bush when driving your point home. Avoid keeping your reader anxious by delaying the important points. Note that not all readers have the time to keep reading things that are not of use to them.